The latest from Tongue-in-Cheek brand, Pleasures has now Arrived

The latest from Tongue-in-Cheek brand, Pleasures has now Arrived

Introducing the tongue-in-cheek brand PLEASURES, created by LA designer Alex James. PLEASURES creates an identity beyond just physical garments by converting 80’s and 90’s subculture aesthetic & the DIY lifestyle into clothing. The brand interprets feelings from the past into visual, cerebral and wearable expression. Known for its designs that court controversies, a move that established it as one of the most proactive streetwear brands.

In 2009, Alex James with another designer Michael Huynh dropped a menswear clothing line named Publish & copyrighted the term “jogger pants.” After success with Publish, summer 2015 James launched PLEASURES which gained a lot of its success from good marketing and meaningful design. James broke barriers and crossed boundaries when he created a few controversial pieces. The shock value is what gained traction to the brand. James stood by his designs stating

“People connect with the name, the graphic language, the political statement about female empowerment & all these other things people weren’t talking about.”

Soon, all of your favorite celebrities were seen in PLEASURES gear including Playboi Carti, Kylie Jenner, and Wiz Khalifa wearing the controversial “A Girl is A Gun” tee.

Pleasures is very successful, but described by James as “Our brand is for people who can’t afford Gucci, Off White, or Heron Preston.” A brand for the people. PLEASURES clothing is designed to evoke feelings & emotion, a way for people to stay connected. The #1 focus of PLEASURES is to educate, that’s why the brand has worked with many other major brands, artist, and graphic designers internationally. PLEASURES offer tees, hoodies, pants and accessories like hats, bags, and keychains! Shop the PLEASURES collection now available in-store at Social Status Boutiques and online at