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Be@rbricks from Medicom are back!

Be@rbricks from Medicom are back!

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Be@rbricks are generally considered designer toys. Made by Medicom Toy, an art toy company from the streets of Tokyo, Japan, this collectible signature item has made its way into streetwear, art, and design. The name is derived from the figures cartoon-style representation of a bear and a variation of Medicom's Kubrick design. First released in 2001, as a free gift to visitors of the World Character Convention 12. They have now become a staple in streetwear.

How has a designer toy made its way into the trendsetting culture? Be@rbricks represent everything streetwear is. The seemingly bizarre idea fits into the category of having the appeal to make people want things they don’t necessarily need. The constant exclusivity and copycat nature IS streetwear. It's plastic, not necessarily luxurious, but has partnerships with brands such as Chanel and Fendi. This is what makes this unique toy fit into what it means to stay ahead and desired.

Each plastic figure features nine parts (widely referred to as tools in the toy industry): head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs; These nine tools allow eight points of articulation: swivel head, swivel waist, ball joint arms, swivel wrists, and ball joint legs. The Japanese figures from the Be@rbrick series include 100%, 200%, 400% and 1000% sizes. This simple collectible has been made from a variety of materials including wood, felt, and glow-in-the-dark plastic. Bearbrick has become one of  streetwear’s most enduring icons, Shop this designer toy at