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Club Fantasy Embracing Individuality

Club Fantasy Embracing Individuality

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You’re invited to all inclusive Club Fantasy, where you can embrace your true individuality regardless of sex or skin color. Inspired by 80’s & 90’s rave culture, Club Fantasy merges that rebellious attitude into contemporary streetwear. To rave is to revolutionize. The brand's principles value challenging the status quo. Its clothing makes a statement in an authentic way providing relaxed fits, many with dope graphic designs that give a vibrant playful feel. Club Fantasy is, according to its press release, “not just a clothing brand; it’s a destination where individuals of different subcultures, races, ages and sexualities can coexist”.

It is a never ending party when you wear Club Fantasy. It’s good to wear clothing that makes you feel good, and by connecting fashion with the music and party lifestyle, it embodies everything real by knowing that in order to truly find yourself, sometimes you need to lose yourself first. This type of clothing gives you an endless euphoria as you would at a club or rave by connecting mind, body, and spirit in fashion.

As a brand that continuously challenges the status quo, Club Fantasy found it their responsibility to actively fight against systemic racism worldwide. 100% of the net proceeds go to the organizations : know your rights campaign, until freedom, grassroots law project, and black lives matter; by doing a custom print with black designer Abdule Ali. Celebrate a never ending party and refuse to conform into societal pressures and rock with Club Fantasy online at