Social Status Presents: The Innovative Makers 

In a world where creativity is constantly evolving, forging your own path and leaving your mark is more important than ever. The Jordan Stadium 90 represents a step forward into new territory, just like Marc Prosper, Kalin Renee, and Camille Hughes, who are carving out their own legacy.

The Jordan Stadium 90 is a modern hybrid silhouette that pulls inspiration from classic Air Jordan models, featuring a mix of materials and the brand’s premier Formula 23 cushioning. With its futuristic design, this latest Jordan release represents a step forward into the uncharted, exciting territory - a blend of select iconic MJ-worn silhouettes in some of his most legendary moments. Mirroring its inspiration, this moment is highlighted by creatives who are similarly blazing new trails and creating their own legacies. Every era has its icons, and every city has its heroes - here we discover these transcendent creatives and their stories.

Launching for the first time ever, access the Jordan Stadium 90 exclusively at Social Status, A Ma Maniére, APB, and Prosper on May 5th.


Marc Prosper

Marc Prosper is a talented creative based in Charlotte, NC. His work is inspired by a variety of elements including nostalgia, nature, visual arts, and science fiction. Marc strongly focuses on branding, music, popular culture, and art direction, having worked on various projects including those for Dreamville artist Lute.


Kalin Renee

Kalin Renee Devone is a multidisciplinary artist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. With a focus on societal influence and social culture, her collection of work combines formal art training with pop culture imagery. Her technique of using layered short brushstrokes creates a sense of movement in her portraits, while her abstract pieces explore themes of fluidity and space.


Camille Hughes

Creating her history, Camille Hughes is the motivated entrepreneur and professional photographer who opened The Frame, a natural light studio in Charlotte, NC. As a native Charlottean, Camille recognized the need for a space that supports the city's growing community of creatives and makers. The Frame provides a hub for local artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and organizations to bring their visions to life. But it's more than just a studio with equipment and props. It's a space where people can feel intimate, welcomed, and naturally inspired to create without pressure. 

Shop the Jordan Stadium 90 Friday, May 5 at 10AM, at and join the ranks of those who are forging new paths in the world of creativity.