beSocial: April 2023

beSocial: April 2023

A refreshing start.

Several Social Status doors, through beSocial, hold a special place to create memories, explore your creativity and build authentic relationships. Our objective is to engage, awaken, build, and promote fellowship, through programming and events. Across cities, beSocial spaces are used to activate new contacts between various groups of people.


Atlanta, GA


This month at beSocial Atlanta was all about giving back to the community of future generations and making room to showcase what the ATL is all about. 404 Day allowed for this space to shift into a chief's happy place where a southern home cooked meal was created and enjoyed along with laughs and learning the history of Atlanta GA. On multiple occasions we enjoyed the presence of each other's energy through simply being. The calmness of yoga and soothing sound bathing creates a sense of stillness in the ATL space; the relaxing flow of energy experienced as soon as you step through the doors is the standard for this space.


Charlotte, NC

Familiar faces filled the room as artists and creatives from The Whitaker Group joined together to showcase some unreleased projects in their rawest of states. Here in Charlotte enjoying the company around you creates room for authentic laughter and enjoyment to arise. 

April in the Charlotte space hosted the Social Status and Nike creative project Free Lunch filling the room with in support joining together to contribute to making history in the CLT space.


Greensboro, NC

There is always room for a good time in the Greensboro space. GSO hosted the very first World Ran By Power listening party allowing guests to be the first to experience this exclusive tape and enjoy each other's company. You don't need a secret code to get into GSO to experience the vibes. Artists came through to Inabano’s cypher without a code and left with short videos allowing them to express their artistic talents. In this space we allow people to express themselves in any way shape or form and welcome all forms of art, making room for creativity to flow freely through this space, so whether you're looking for a space to brainstorm your ideas, practice your creative skills or join like-minded people to collaborate ideas with, the GSO doors are open for you.


Houston, TX

The Houston space was a teaching grail for people of all ages. Here we exposed people to the endless options of Public Relations and gems on how to enter this field. April brought people together in this space to connect people, information, and great vibes. The April activation of Color Code featuring a collaboration with C’est Bon took place in this space as locals gathered around to enjoy artist talks and be the first to have access to C’est Bon and Social Status latest collection. Here in Houston, the community is important as we build each other up through creating long-lasting memories, skill-building, and networking.


Pittsburgh, PA

The Pittsburgh space provokes connection and expression of self. This month locals joined here to host their very own art shows, came and showcased their talents through poetry and music, and more. PGH is home to intimate and consistent book and poetry clubs. 

The Pittsburgh space is no stranger to involving the community and showing up in various ways.



WE APPRECIATE YOU! Whether you caught a session of Free Game or casted your vote to help us secure a win for the Webbys People's Voice Award your part doesn’t go without notice. As we close out April and head into May we want to extend our thanks for joining us here at beSocial. We hope to see you in space soon. Join us for upcoming events in a beSocial space near you and stay up to date for the latest via our Instagram account @besocialplease. 

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