beSocial: May 2023

beSocial: May 2023

Atlanta, GA
You can always count on the Atlanta location to hold space for your zen. Peace and stillness take over this space every Monday morning and Thursday evening. In the ATL space, we captured multiple moments of stillness each week with a guided yoga session. Wellness is the main focus in this space and it starts within, we will continue to consistently implement practices that will fuel the minds of the busy and talented people in the Atlanta area.  

Charlotte, NC
March at beSocial Charlotte created a space to open your heart through Chakra sessions and expand your mind with knowledge of business filling the room from pioneers from various different career paths. Creatives from all walks of life made the Charlotte space their masterpiece as this space transformed into a place for intimate discussions, allowing people to share their journeys on the path to creative success. The Charlotte space showcased its versatility this month creating space to highlight the importance of health, expanding beyond the doors as Run Club continues to take over the Plaza Midwood area along with the first-ever Photo Walk hosted by Mike Jones and Marc Prosper.  


Greensboro, NC
In and out of the Greensboro space we enjoyed community building through the love of basketball and staying active. Throughout the month of May, we sought the importance of making room for movement and unity through the love of the game. Stay tuned for more events taking place in the GSO area as the Summer time vibes roll in.

Houston, TX
Discord members took over the Houston space this month as this space was home to the IRL tour. People from all over gathered here in this space to experience each other in real-time. Once screen and keyboard associates are now people with lifelong memories, with T-shirts and tote bags to remind them of their time together. The Houston space is no stranger to vibrant energy as sonic vibrations filled the space often from Players Club album plays and Sip & Paints to creating an intimate space for mental health discussions. 


Pittsburgh, PA
This month in the East Liberty space we dedicated room to partner with 1Hood on multiple occasions. 1Hood is a social advocacy organization who is committed to building and demonstrating power to Black communities by providing exposure of information. Pittsburgh holds a special place for the inmate Poetry and book clubs consistently showing up for the community week after week. While a pop-up lash tech workshop left people on their toes and excited to learn more about the lash and esthetic industry. 


The beSocial spaces unfolded into a variety of different spaces this month. Houston was home to inviting our Discord members out for a great time, creating face-to-face memories that were at one time only held in a digital space. The Charlotte location made room to hold intimate and insightful discussions while simultaneously making room to expand beyond the beSocial doors into the Plaza Midwood neighborhood. We want to extend our greatest Thanks to everyone who has joined us in creating memories in space.  

May showcased the true versatility of the BeSocial spaces. Face-to-face memories were created that once only existed in the virtual space. Discord members met for the first time in the Houston space and have souvenirs to prove it. The Charlotte walls hold some of the most genuine connections and amazing networking opportunities while the connections continue to expand outside of the beSocial walls into the Plaza Midwood neighborhood. Whatever it is that you’re into, the beSocial space has something for you. 

Are you interested in bringing your ideas to life in a beSocial space near you? Send us over a DM for the next steps. We hope to see you in the near future.