beSocial: June 2023

beSocial: June 2023

Atlanta, GA

This month at beSocial Atlanta we focused on wellness of the mind and body. Hosting weekly basis yoga sessions to allow everyone to have the space to decompress and relax. With wellness being a priority in space, we partnered with Sad Girls Club - an organization that works on destigmatizing mental illness for millennial and Gen Z women. 


Charlotte, NC

Charlotte kicked it up a notch and made wellness the main focus this month. Through Yoga, Run Club every Monday and Soccer club every Thursday the CLT crew couldn’t help but to put their health first as the warmer months approached us. Here we are able to build community and unity in this space all while prioritizing our mental and physical health. June held room for endless opportunities and connections to be made throughout this space along with knowledge from Tech professionals and more.  


Houston, TX

On multiple occasions, the Houston space came together to explore their creative abilities as well as work on protecting their craft. Creative workshop hours are held in this space for everyone including the youth.


Pittsburgh, PA

Home of the Poetry and Book club the East Liberty space maintains a consistent crowd each week as we dive deeper into the book of the month. Collaborate with like minded individuals and expand your mind to other’s perspectives through this community. This space created the perfect space to be valuable and embark on your reading goals for 2023.


The opportunities are endless at beSocial. Whether you are looking for a space to come express yourself or wanting to connect with your community more, we have many opportunities for you. As we close out June and head into Summer, we want to encourage you to join us for upcoming events in a beSocial space near you and check out our new tik tok account @besocialplease