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Soulland Makes it's way into the United States

Soulland Makes it's way into the United States

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Soulland is a Scandinavian menswear label that specializes in traditional craftsmanship and detail. “The art I do is art for clothing and I have such great respect for art and artists that are devoting their life to creating pure art.” Built from the ground up by Silas Adler, Soulland has garnered a devoted following across Europe and the United States. Born in Copenhagen, Adler's silhouettes are distinctly designed with a minimalistic cutting edge European look.


Adler describes his brand's identity and aesthetic as “Inspired by the past, in the present, toward the future.” There is beauty in driving the vision forward while taking pride in his heritage. Garments are handmade from top artistry all made in Europe. The Scandinavian influence mixed with contemporary style makes even the most classic designs elevated from subtle touches.


Apparel ranges from essential t-shirts and jackets to premium pants made for sustainability.  Available in full sized menswear collections. Designed from high quality materials and prime technique, a Soulland piece should be in every consumer's closet. Shop the latest Soulland online now at!