Color Code: Daze in Blue

Color Code: Daze in Blue

The latest COLOR CODE drop of the year is here. Social Status x DAZE IN BLUE is the newest participant in our ever-growing capsule program.

DAZE IN BLUE is a global lifestyle company based out of Charlotte, NC, that has the mission to bring positivity to the world. Daze in Blue means to look up in the sky and imagine the world where you make it happen, then make it a reality. Using the baby cloud angel, Kloudy Kumo, founder Darius Graves has created a platform that encourages the world to be free and think positively. Using his “happiness first” mentality, Graves plans to take the simple idea of a brand and evolve it into a global phenomenon.

The Social Status exclusive piece features a black puff print t-shirt with a yellow Kloudy Kumo and mixed font graphics in a beautiful brown and yellow color scheme.

How would you describe the Social Status exclusive piece?

It’s to show I’m just getting started. I have so much more in store for the brand, and so much in store for the world. Traveling and experiencing new things in the world is one of themes of the brand itself, so going out and seeing the world and having a fresh mind is what truly inspired the capsule. Being positive is such a big thing for me and the brand in general, so I just want to keep the cycle of love moving, no matter what.

As someone who projects so much positivity, what keeps you positive and motivated?

Showing appreciation for everything and keeping creation first. I’ve been blessed with so many different things in my life so I make sure I am always grateful for everything I receive. And with so many things happening and life moving so many miles per second, I have to get used to being uncomfortable. It’s a fulfilling thing for me, so I have to just keep moving.

What is next for DAZE IN BLUE?

I want to create a fashion space in Charlotte or LA. Somewhere people can dress how they want and be as free as they want to be. Just a safe space for creatives everywhere. I also want to expand Daze In Blue in a unique way. Outside of shopping online, I want a storefront in every airport in America. You have to travel to get these pieces. I want people to connect Daze In Blue with immersing themselves in a new culture or place. The good energy and positivity will be there also. I want to show people that things like anxiety and depression are just invisible monsters and we are powerful people. We are the masters so we just need to acknowledge that it’s there and treat it as if it's something small.

DAZE IN BLUE will always and forever be a bright light in this moody world. Darius Graves and Kloudy Kumo have one goal, and it’s to bring positivity to everyone in this big bright world.

Shop the newest COLOR CODE: DAZE IN BLUE, available at all Social Status Charlotte boutique and online here.

COLOR CODE program, is a The Whitaker Grp monthly effort meant to support smaller brands led by POC by creating collaborative capsule collections.