About Us

In order to climb the ladder of success, socioeconomic paths must be crossed. From poverty to wealth, characteristics are built. Every experience, opportunity, and relationship adds meaning to your journey.


…..inspired by prosperity and therefore the ambition, strategy, and execution vital to reach that point of success.

…..embraces failures and our ability to learn from them, develop them into beneficial experiences, and propel us into a dominant social class.

…..encompasses the processes and patience necessary to progress through social class.

…..requires the ultimate commitment and work ethic, pushing through to the next social rank, and acquiring the fruits of labor as payment for the journey.

INSPIRED BY PRESTIGE, POWER and PROSPERITY. Social Status’ brand mix design represents the fashion-forward consumer: quality driven and fashion focused. Our exclusive retail experience allows our customers to be the among the first introduced to the latest trends, styles, and brands. Keeping true to our elite brands, we provide their canvas season after season in a unique retail environment. As a company we take on the responsibility of listening, learning, and leading our customers through the ever changing world of urban fashion. Through our label we represent quality, sincerity, and the utmost brand integrity. Work hard so you can play harder – Social Status embodies the consistent commitment essential for continuous growth, success, and prosperity.