"Whats Left of Manchester"

"Whats Left of Manchester"

“We don’t care about you, but we’ll take good care of you.” Val Kristopher, known for his deconstructed styled garments, creates thought provoking products, imagery and messages for the consumer to understand that will also help to push them to be who they really are through clothing. 

The Spring/Summer ‘21 collection titled, ‘What’s Left of Manchester,’ pays homage to Manchester’s evolution over the years. The collection was presented in a unique way as Kristopher took the consumer through a look-book film that guided the viewer through a continual loop of casting, styling, and modeling. 

The collection is split into two with one paying homage to the colors of Manchester, while the other pulls from the typical grey skies of Manchester. 

Through the usual Val Kristopher style, the collection pays close attention to detail with flipped branded patches, rough hemlines, contrast stitching throughout the apparel, and more. 

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