Duke TechArts & Crafts

In partnership with Duke University & Modern Figures Podcast, Duke TechArts & Crafts is changing the way STEM is taught to people of all ages in our beSocial spaces. This initiative led by Duke ECE Professor, Shaundra Daily, and her Athena AI Institute colleagues Sandra Roach and Alia Carter, invites everyone to explore the multitude of ways technology can enrich everyday life using your favorite things. Computing and engineering has entered a fun and inclusive era and beSocial spaces across our cities are here to continue supporting the future of STEM.


The first TechArts & Crafts session took over the Charlotte space where attendees were invited to bring their creativity to life as they learned coding blocks, worked with sensors and designed their very own controller. At the second session, the attendees learned how to transform their artwork into a melodious instrument using circuits and programming.



TechArts & Crafts took over the Pittsburgh space to teach STEM through painting and music. The women of Duke University taught the ways tech can elevate everyday items through hands-on crafts and more. Additionally, they paid a visit to MonView Heights where students learned how to blend art and technology.


Duke TechArts & Crafts traveled to the Houston space where enthusiasts programmed a fun and engaging game and designed their own controllers. By the end of the workshop, they walked away with a project that can be played at any time.


Creatives of all ages gathered at beSocial Greensboro for a day of combining music, art and technology into a musical piece of artwork. The fun doesn’t stop there, attendees can then take their final products home and continue to experiment with their creations using the engineering knowledge and skills they gained at the workshop.

Through our partnership with Duke TechArts & Crafts, we look forward to engaging with our communities through fostering an environment of inclusivity for future generations with interests in technology. Together we will continue shaping the future of technology, bridging the access gap in underserved communities, and creating an image that shows all of the cool sides STEM has to offer.

Stay tuned for future Duke TechArts & Crafts sessions in a city near you.