Social Status x Jordan Granville

Social Status x Jordan Granville

Rooted in Heritage & Inspired by The Man

What makes someone an icon? Is it the dedication to their craft, their effortless cool, or their ability to lead the way for others?

Inspired by the idea that before ‘Michael’ there was a ‘Mike,’ we are introducing the Jordan Granville Pro SP, a modern spin on a classic silhouette, and the newest addition to the 23E Category. A balance between innovation, streetwear, and a creative mix of textiles crafting the foam midsole for maximum comfort.

The Social Status x Jordan Granville embodies the energy, passion, and human development of an icon. Before he became a global icon, Michael Jordan was an innovator within his own surrounding community perfecting his craft.

Innovator: Kiara Arnold

Chic In Sneaks

Kiara Arnold, a Charlotte, NC native who not only has a passion for sneakers but does the work supporting her community. Kiara, founder of Chic In Sneaks, works hard to create the space for Black women to be celebrated.


Wherever you are on your journey, that’s where the story begins.” -Kiara Arnold

Innovator: Nkem and Kerrel

Bird Pizzeria

Nkem and Kerrel Thompson, founders of Bird pizzeria, guided their passion and family into creating a welcoming and supportive space in their neighborhood. The Thompson family has become a reminder that resilience, facing the challenges with dedication, and above all else love for others, are monumental tools needed to make any dream a reality. 

Innovator: Daniel Baptiste

By Daniel Baptiste

Every path is not the same. Daniel Baptiste, a self-taught seamster, has shifted a personal interest into a passion that has guided him to merge the worlds of denim and supporting others. While an apprenticeship has allowed him to become an expert in his field, Daniel shares his knowledge with others who do not typically have access to learning the trade of textiles.

The Jordan Granville for the first time ever, exclusively from Social Status. Available September 8th, 11AM EST on

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