Social Status x Champion

Social Status x Champion

United by a vision, Social Status and Champion have come together for a 20-piece apparel collection that represents a deep burning passion to become a better you. Inspired by the vintage silhouettes that have helped establish Champion as an apparel powerhouse, this collection holds value in the premium fabrics and the journey to the next level.

Inspiring future leaders, this collection takes root in the athletic nature of Champion, and the streetwear essence of Social Status. It represents being active through fitness, molding and creating the best you possible, through hard work and dedication.

Each piece is unique in its own right. With a range of colors, from gold, to blue, and forest green, this collection is an expression of self. Vibrant and unique colors that exude an aura of self improvement. With each color, each piece has one of the many creative designs crafted for this collection. The cream hoodie with the sherpa logo embedded into the chest, the red sweatpants with the combination logo stitched into the right leg, each piece is true to oneself.

This collaboration is fundamentally a way to inspire self expression in the developmental stage. It doesn’t just take thought to be a champion, it takes hard work and dedication. Grinding every single day to craft the real you, whether it is through physical activity, emotional, or mental, the grind never stops.

It takes a little more to be a champion.

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