Pre-Fall 2020 Off-White Menswear Collection

Pre-Fall 2020 Off-White Menswear Collection

Titled “Pivot,”  Virgil Abloh showcases a new direction with the latest Pre-Fall 2020 Off-White menswear collection.

The collection features an array of pieces that are inspired by office uniform design cues that are juxtaposed with Off-Whites traditional streetwear approach creating a new era for the brand. 

“Off-White is now not the new kid on the block,” said Abloh via a vogue interview. “I was interested in fast-forwarding the menswear up to where the womenswear is at.”

Not only does the collection mean a new direction product wise but the transformation extends to a new logo for the infamous brand. “It kind of breaks the shackles off of doing the same thing,” said Abloh. As a result of the new branding, the capsule features parachute cargo pants, cashmere sweaters, shirts finished with textured stripes and emblems, and more.

During the early months of 2020, Abloh was forced to take a doctor prescribed break as the fast pace lifestyle started to take a toll on his health.  “Since I took these months off, all this graphic design, I've been placing myself...much like the first days of the brand,” said Abloh. Refraining from traveling, Abloh was able to add a fair bit of nostalgia to the collection as a way to keep some of the brand’s morals.  With inspiration from ‘90s youth, Abloh is able to mirror generational memories while experimenting with style for this new collection. “It has been quite liberating to explore a different guy and to pivot the brand. I am entering a new phase,” said Abloh via Hypebeast. 

Traditional Off-White branding such as stripes and crosses can be seen on tote backpacks subtly sporting the iconic cross logo. Furthermore, Abloh introduces more of a variety in accessories with belts that sport chains and all-new chunky necklaces.

The menswear Pre-Fall 2020 collection brings something new and exciting while keeping the traditional aspects that we have all grown to love from Off-White. Visit our Off-White Collection page to check out the Pre-Fall 2020 capsule and more!