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New Faces for a New Generation, Meet Designer Reese Cooper

New Faces for a New Generation, Meet Designer Reese Cooper

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Introducing 21 year old fashion “rebel” designer Reese Cooper,  known for his cutting-edge garments and powerful storytelling. The blend of elegant cuts and contemporary style elevates even the most simple pieces. Reese Cooper designs with a very nonchalant attitude, once stating  “I hate fashion so much- everyone's so pretentious - I just want to make cool clothes that I would wear.” His work is purely derived from desirability, love, and passion, not trends or hype.

Reese Cooper garments all have a sense of familiarity, with every piece of the collection seamlessly tying together like a completed movie. Season to season, these masterpieces stay connected through subtle design. Reese Cooper dives into detail meticulously and anyone into design and unique characteristics would take comfort in the brand’s silhouettes. Keeping the blueprint cool yet polished, he often uses fun materials like patchwork, silk twill, nylon, military fabrics, and decorated patterns and images. Reese Cooper is one of the faces for the new generation and this youthful brand is making its way up with its practical nonchalant streetwear. Remember the name and shop Reese Cooper online now or set an in-store appointment to visit your local Social Status boutique at!