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Neighborhood S/S '18 Editorial

Neighborhood S/S '18 Editorial

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What once began as simply an outlet to promote he and his friend's love for motorcycles, military and street style, turned into a thriving career for Neighborhood owner Shinsuke Takizawa - who was a motorcycle enthusiast. The brand was established in 1994 and has since become one of the most prominent Japanese streetwear brands. Neighborhood started small and eventually grew into producing ready-to-wear collections of high quality denim, outerwear, and accessories season after season.


 The success of the brand has lead them to produce sub-brands under the Neighborhood umbrella.  These include: Neighborhood Quarter (kids line), SVG and Luker by Neighborhood.  And, like many Japanese brands they have also collaborated with other well known designers including: A Bathing Ape, Head Porter, Levis, Dickies, Original Fake, Visvim and more.


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