Meet Women Within: A Celebration of Women Within the Community

Meet Women Within: A Celebration of Women Within the Community

Women Within is a celebration of women. The idea is to create a safe place for women of different backgrounds to be able to network and create sisterhood in the community.

“For me, Women Within means sisterhood. The meaning of it is very powerful,” said Cristy Montoya, founder of Women Within. “I think we can all do things individually but once we join forces that’s when we are the most powerful”

Women Within started in 2018 with an idea to bring more women focused streetwear events to Charlotte and we have since continued the series with different topics and  partnerships with brands such as Nike and Jordan.

“What I saw was a lack of community for women. I was involved with creating the workspace for beSocial,” said Montoya. “So, it really was a dream of mine to have women experience that space differently since I know that it can be a very male dominated industry.”

Since the first event, activations have included things such as customizing hoodies, women empowerment talks, and most recently celebrating women sneakerheads.

“I think that when people come to the events, they will be surprised by the different types of women that are there. There’s girly girls, tomboy girls...the comfort comes from being able to truly be yourself and not be judged,” said Montoya.

The idea of Women Within is to bring women together in a space that they can be celebrated in and not feel judged.

“It’s cool to say that I am involving women and networking but I am actually connecting with women by getting their ideas and brainstorming with them to push the idea forward,” said Montoya.

Keep a look out to our beSocial calendar for the next Women Within Event.