Meet Jaconna Jacobs: A Creative Using her Passions to Fuel her Career

Meet Jaconna Jacobs: A Creative Using her Passions to Fuel her Career

Jaconna Jacobs is an Assistant Product Marketing Manager at Adidas by day but still finds time to  fuel her passion with her own blog, Everything Boisterous. She uses her passion for giving back, art, hip hop and more to drive her creative ideas for Adidas and her own brand. In this interview, we discussed balancing work, personal style, giving back to the community and more. Read below.

Okay, so how do you balance Everything Boisterous as well as your "desk" job at Adidas? Being that Everything Boisterous is a blog that focuses on creatives.

It’s kind of been a juggle. Juggling the time difference when I'm interviewing people for Everything Boisterous has been hard. I don't have to be in to work until 10am at Adidas. So, it’s more so about prioritizing. Adidas is my day job so that is a priority but Everything Boisterous is a passion so I make sure that I make time for that when I can.

How important is it to make time for your passion?

As of right now, it is very important. It is so hard to find time in between doing things for work and coming up with creative things for both work and Everything Boisterous. I kind of try to tie it into things that I am doing.

I know you are big on things in the black culture. How does Everything Boisterous connect with streetwear/hip-hop culture?

Everything Boisterous is all about giving creatives within any space a voice. I don’t want it to be a thing where I only focus on rappers or just hip hop. I want to shed a light on all sectors of creativity.

Seeing that you have so many different creative interests. How do you tie all of your interests and career together?

Honestly, my perspective that I bring to the brand kind of formulates to the content that I already put up on the blog. I kind of have a more millennial viewpoint at Adidas. That is something that I also show amongst Everything Boisterous because I like to shed light on Artists on the Rise, people that haven’t hit that number one hit yet, or just people that are OG’s in the game. I feel like the things that I do for Everything Boisterous fuel my passion into what I do within marketing now. It helps me to come up with fresh ideas.  

Last year you partnered with us on a charity event and you are always trying to find other ways to give back to the community. Why do you think places such as beSocial are important?

I have seen a workshop take place at beSocial. I think a space like this is important, especially for NC and Charlotte, because there is a lack of spaces for people to really be themselves creatively. beSocial is one of those spaces that can create opportunity, educate people, and just get people together. It’s a bomb opportunity. It’s way bigger than just the store.

You also have always had your own sense of style, Has working in the fashion industry helped shape/define your current style?

I would say that it has helped me put more of a story around my style than just putting things together. Everything has context and a concept. Now when I get dressed I think more about it. The job that I have now makes me want to know more about the things that I wear. Like Jonah Hill said, “Personal Style is the best Style.”

Since we are on the topic of fashion, What's your favorite sneaker in your closet right now?

The Adidas Samba. It’s pretty basic but a classic. The one I have is a platform and it doesn’t do too much. It’s not as extra as I am but I appreciate it. Then my second pair would have to be the Kylie Jenner Falcon because of the colorblock.

Any advice you want to give to anyone who is trying to get into the industry as well?

Put yourself out there or you are always going to be in a space where you are limited. People are always going to put limitations on you. Trust your gut and don’t wait for handouts. You need to be the connect, don’t wait until the connect comes to you. Networking is sometimes bigger than the resume. Networking is key.