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Meet Chattanooga's own YGTUT

Meet Chattanooga's own YGTUT

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Chattanooga, Tennessee - A place that is not often mentioned but as of the past few years, we've seen good music emerge. YGTUT is at the forefront of that movement. If you ask TUT, he'll tell you coming out Chattanooga isn't the easiest but the journey is well worth it. He popped onto the scene in 2015 with the release of his project Preacher's Son, a project that was very personal to say the least. He let you in to let you know who he was, and contrary to the title, it isn't as preachy as you think. It's a stigma in the black community that the preacher's kids are usually the worst but according to TUT, "we're just regular as anyone else. We just happen to be the kid of a pastor." This project was driven solely by TUT with features from Angel Mae as well as fellow Chattanooga native Isaiah Rashad. 

It's been 3 years since the release of Preacher's Son and YGTUT is back with a fresh project titled I.O.U.. Over the course of 3 years, a bit has changed for TUT, he's found his perfect fit with a label - Same Plate Entertainment, a sector of Sony Music. He describes his situation with them as laid back, giving him the freedom to do what he needs to do without having to compromise. Check out his latest project and even his past work if you're just now getting hip.