The 2023 Jumpman Invitational returns to Queen City. In collaboration with the Jordan Brand, beSocial and Social Status transformed into a hub dedicated to inviting everyone into participating and supporting our local community with an array of special edition programming to celebrate the Jumpman Invitational. Amongst these celebrations, locals had the opportunity to participate in exclusive product customization throughout the day at beSocial by selecting one-of-a-kind designs created by students of the WINGS Design Program, designing their own special keepsake, watch their creativity come to life in space through heat pressing, and having a piece of Queen City history on their sleeve.

Discord Community Event

Members from our Discord group gathered for a special night celebrating the Jumpman Invitational by letting their creativity flow through exclusive product customization – unlocking a realm of creativity that displayed individuality and innovation. Conversations flowed seamlessly as DJ Micki Blendz filled the room with carefully curated beats, weaving a rich narrative that celebrated the diversity within the community.

Hoop Club at Keith Family YMCA and Stratford Richardson YMCA


Uniting around the love for the game and the cultural elements it encompasses, locals hit the courts at Keith Family YMCA and Stratford Richardson YMCA to celebrate this special edition of Hoop Club, commemorating the Jumpman Invitational. In the midst of competing against the city’s top ballers, they showcased their skills and displayed their best kicks for a hoops experience like never before.

TechArts & Crafts Sessions


 TechArts & Crafts brought their A-Game to this celebration of the Jumpman Invitational. Attendees immersed themselves in the world of game design by diving into the intricacies of coding blocks and sensors and walked away with a tangible creation, personally designed to mark their creativity.

Air Garden: A Jordan Planter Workshop by Women Within



In this special edition of Women Within, locals connected in the Queen City for a night of crafting basketball planters and infusing their unique perspective into each creation. This celebration of the Jumpman Invitational went beyond the tangible results, it became a celebration of shared passion and a platform to forge connections within the community.

Jumpman Invitational Kickoff



To kickoff the 2023 Jumpman Invitational, individuals gathered for an exclusive night of celebration with live entertainment by DJ Fannie Mae, curated mocktails by A Mom Tale, exclusive photo opportunities, and one-of-a-kind product customization. Moments were shared through a unified passion for basketball and sneaker culture, tickets to the games were raffled away, and connections were forged as the night progressed. The atmosphere filled with good conversation and sonically cohesive tracks, eliciting head nods and unity through music.

The Jumpman Invitational Hub at beSocial became a vibrant celebration that brought together the community through a diverse range of activities. The collaborative efforts not only showcased the love for basketball and sneaker culture, but also provided a platform for individuals to express their creativity and build connections. This was more than a sports celebration, it became a symbol of unity, shared passion, and community engagement, leaving lasting memories for the Queen City.