Discover the Los Angeles based collective dedicated to crafting intriguing products and experiences that ignite creativity globally. Rooted in the convergence of imagination and reality where energy transforms into ideas and ideas transform into reality.



Founded in 2019 by Gavin Mathieu, Supervsn emerged as a powerhouse in Los Angeles celebrating its culture by infusing the scene with high-frequency energy and excitement. Bridging the gap between imagination and reality, Supervsn thrives at the intersection where energy sparks concepts that highlight the essence of South Central, shaping its innovative path.



Renowned for punchy graphics, vivid colors, and prints that demand attention, explore the latest collection featuring wardrobe staples like the “Third Eye” and “Starburst” tees. Supervsn excels in manifesting ideas and breathing life into them through design inspired by personal experiences, history, and the collective love for South Central Los Angeles.



More than just creating garments, every piece embodies the creative essence Supervsn sets out to ignite. Leveraging their platform, Supervsn evokes emotions that celebrate individuality and personal expression, motivated by the desire to empower creators and inspire others to manifest their own visions into reality. 


Shop the latest collections from Supervsn now online and in-store in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Tampa.