Introducing Sky High Farm Workwear

Introducing Sky High Farm Workwear

Sky High Farm Workwear features an array of beautiful designs and logos that truly hones in on the farm life work style. Take the cream embroidered button for example, the 100% cotton woven shirt features an interesting gardenscape embroidery on the back and a wheat and flower embroidery on the pocket. The 100% organic cotton hoodies and tees feature the brand’s symbolic moon and strawberry floating through the clouds.

Sky High Farm, Nonprofit

Sky High Farm set out to be a support system on closing food insecurity while caring for our environment, by developing a nonprofit sector in their business based out of New York. They’ve donated over 87,000 lbs of veggies, 50,000 lbs of protein, and regenerated farming practices that help make the world a better place.

Sky High Farm Workwear was created side by side with Sky High Farm Nonprofit to double down on the dollar. Creative Director and founder of Sky High Farm, Dan Colen, uses sustainable products to create each piece. That includes deadstock, vintage, recycled fabrics, and eco-friendly processes. Every customer is a donor, and in turn, it helps the farmers do their work and the customers get clothes to do theirs.

Sky High Farm continues to show how they are truly progressive with each and every item released, with profits going towards farmers whose mission is to make the world a better place.

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