A Prelude to Jaide

With $400 to her name and an undying love for fashion, New York-based designer Danielle Guizio started her namesake brand in her parents’ basement. Today, Guizio is revealing the essence of disruptive sensuality and boldness in its collections, aiming to empower the wearer and honor the female form above all.

The label has been proven to be in a continuously evolving aesthetic, attracting a shifting audience that evolves alongside it. While Guizio grows, its signature elements continue to be sought after. From its playful minis to sequin and sheer elements and modern tailoring perfect for celebrating the complexities of femininity.

Guizio has carved out a unique niche with its enticing silhouettes, cut-out and asymmetrical designs that redefine femininity. It explores the dimensions of womanhood, offering a personal touch evident in Danielle’s hands-on approach, alongside the hustle found in the New York air.

In the world of Guizio, comfort is confidence and stays inspired by everything that makes life exciting. The multi-faceted brand is perfect for work and play. Whether it’s feminine allure, bold statements, or timeless classics, Guizio’s approach makes mixing and matching effortless, curating a contemporary wardrobe for the wearer.

Discover the Guizio Spring/Summer 2024 Collection available now online and at Social Status Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, and Tampa.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of Jaide, The Whitaker Grp’s first women-focused retail experience here.