A Prelude to Jaide - Curating Confidence


Centered around reshaping the industry, Ganni invites you on a journey marked by a commitment to authenticity and inclusivity. Emerging from Copenhagen, the brand's Pre-Spring '24 collection and overall playful aesthetic is a refreshing departure from the traditionally minimalistic Scandinavian style.

Ganni sets the tone for the next generation and the modern woman, with a priority on environmental sustainability. The first part of Ganni’s PS24 collection unfolds as a chapter of refinement, exploring bold colors, playful prints, and carefully structured garments that celebrate every body type.

Beyond style, Ganni's success is a testament to the empowerment of the women who wear it. As we eagerly anticipate Jaide’s debut, Ganni’s expression of femininity acts as a prelude. Jaide, The Whitaker Grp’s first women focused retail experience launching in early 2024, is a sanctuary for unapologetic confidence, creativity, and embracing the joy of fashion.

Stay tuned for the unveiling and explore Ganni Pre-Spring '24 online and in-store at Social Status Atlanta.

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