Introducing Carhartt Work In Progress

Introducing Carhartt Work In Progress

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Carhartt Work In Progress is a distinct division of the American heritage brand Carhartt, renowned for pioneering workwear in the USA. Founded in 1994 under the guidance of Edwin Faeh, Carhartt WIP crafts its distinct collections inspired by the classic Carhartt workwear. The brand skillfully blends genuine interpretations of these durable American classics while actively connecting with the subcultures that have embraced its ethos. 

Carhartt WIP has fostered genuine connections with emerging, unconventional, and influential figures in music and sports, cementing its status as an iconic and respected presence in cultures spanning hip-hop, skateboarding, graffiti, cycling, and beyond.

Building from its foundational classics, the Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2024 collection adopts a multifaceted approach, where Ivy League inspired interpretations of sportswear, functional field items, and punchy all-over prints take over.

Based on timeless styles crafted from the renowned 12 oz. Dearborn Canvas and durable denim, available in both ‘rinsed’ and aged’ variations, staples such as the Detroit Jacket, Active Jacket, and Double Knee Pant directly trace their origins back to the brand’s heritage. 

Crafted from 100% cotton, the ‘Nelson’ capsule is an integral element within Carhartt’s WIP seasonal range of garment-dyed tees and sweats. The ‘Rocky’ capsule links the seasonal branding to the hometown of Carhartt by incorporating Carhartt WIP’s logo within the Detroit Tigers baseball team logo.


 Explore the Carhartt Work In Progress Spring/Summer 2024 Collection now online at and in-store in Baltimore, Charlotte, Houston, and East Liberty Pittsburgh.