Individual Style: Alex Yoon Discusses How Style Creates Relationships

Individual Style: Alex Yoon Discusses How Style Creates Relationships

Alex Yoon is a creative and loyal customer of Social Status. He uses style and clothes to help showcase his personality along with creating new relationships with brands that develop into friendships. In this interview, we discussed his own personal style, staying loyal to a brand, and more.

How do you think Style describes a person?

I think style says a lot about a person’s taste. Style just describes things they are into; it’s personality. It’s just really expressing who you are. If you want to say something or make a statement you can do that with your clothing. Style says a lot about who you are.

Okay, how would you describe your style?

My style right now is really on a punk-rock wave and I like good denim. My good friend put me on to Nudie Jeans and i’ve been wearing those like everyday now. It’s kind of hard to describe my style in words, though.

Well, how often do you switch your style?

I don’t think it changes too much by season. In the summer time it will just be some tees. I’m still rocking my jeans...still got my 1s on. In the winter time, it’s pretty much the same but more hoodies and jackets. Maybe I will change my style due to the weather but nothing too drastic. I usually just stick to my normal core items.  

I have a couple of brands that I stick with that include Human Made, Jordan, and Nudie Jeans. I also like Undercover, a few No. 9 pieces, and Neighborhood. I just like Japanese brands. I’m Half Japanese so I am kind of biased, plus Japanese brands are really well made. They pay more attention to the small details in garments. You can tell that nothing goes unnoticed and that they care about every piece of the garment. 

I focus a lot more on quality garments. This is also why I like to try things on. I want to see how it fits on me and how it looks. Like it’s important to me that the brand put effort into the things that they make.

I know you stick to the brands you know...Do you ever see yourself branching out to other brands?

See, I don’t know. I’m really big on relationships and building that relationship. For example, I met the brand manager here for Nudie pop up and he sent me a pair of jeans. So after he has sent me these, there is no way I would ever not shop with them. I felt like part of the family. 

Clothing is cool but I really appreciate good people and good energy. I like meeting the people behind the brands. So if the people are good and the quality is good then I will stick to that.

How has Social Status helped to shape your style?

The way that products are merchandised and set up in the store is cool and makes it easy to go through different clothing. It helped me to learn a lot about brands that I didn’t know about. Like Neighborhood, I had no idea what that brand was until I started shopping here. Shopping here has been very transformative for my style.

Why would you recommend someone that is trying to get into streetwear fashion to shop with Social Status? 

Shopping here got me into it way more than what I was. I think it is important to meet other people who are into streetwear fashion as well while also meeting the community here in Charlotte and around it. Make some new friends that have common interests. 

I think this is the only spot in Charlotte and surrounding areas that provides what you guys provide with a chill atmosphere. There is so much more here than just clothes as well. Like you can even learn about how things are made through the workshops that you guys put on in the beSocial part of the store. Plus you can just come hang out here.

Alright now to the fun stuff, What’s your favorite sneaker?

I love Jordan 1s. The shoe is a classic. I still need the 1985 Jordan 1 Chicago, that would have to be my favorite. I would definitely wear them because the soles are still good quality on that the rubber is usually only cracked not completely destroyed.

Anything else you want to tell people about style or you?

I would say not to be nervous about anything you wear. Don’t care about what other people think. If it’s not anything offensive or that could hurt someone then go for it! Wear whatever you want because you have to express yourself. Clothing has helped me to be more comfortable and confident in me. That’s all Yoon has to say.