PACK'T: Beat the Best, or Pack It Up


beSocial Charlotte recently wrapped up hosting a 6 episode series where 12 producers competed to prove they are the best producer in the city, but with a twist. Creator of the series, Ziante Solano, gave the producers 30 minutes every round to make a beat out of 10 sounds they were given, all while in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. As the rounds ended and producers were eliminated, the stakes were higher, leading towards working with talented artist Reuben Vincent on the final winning beat.

Round 1

Bringing the heat to beSocial, producers Marzae, Matthew de Luz, and Jay Storm made up the first week of PACK’T. Winner of Week 1 and moving on to the semi-final round was producer Marzae.


Round 2

Producers The UFO Baby, De’Juan, and Forever Kaih, turned up at beSocial for the second week of the competition. Winner of Week 2 and moving on to the semi-final round is producer The UFO Baby.

Round 3

Producers InFull, SonnySoBlessed, and Bone the Producer brought fire to the competition for Week 3. Winner of Week 3 and moving on to the semi-final round is producer Bone the Producer.

Round 4

Producers Audley, Daniel Boyd, and Ooomariii wrap up the fourth week of PACK’T. Winner of Week 4 and moving on to the semi-final round is producer Ooomariii.


In the semi-finals, producers Marzae, The UFO Baby, Bone the Producer, and Ooomariii battle out their spot for the final round of Season 1 of PACK’T.


Wrapping up the first season of PACK’T, finalists Marzae, The UFO Baby, and Bone the Producer go head to head one last time at beSocial. Packing out the room with a live audience, the three producers go all in to show why they are the best in the city. Judging the finale, three of hip-hop’s dopest MC’s and Charlotte natives, Mavi, Reuben Vincent, and Lute bring their expertise to find the first season winner of PACK’T.

A cash prize and a title belt crowning the champion of Charlotte was presented to The UFO Baby, whose winning beat will make its way to be on a song by finale judge and Hip-Hop prodigy, Reuben Vincent.

Ziante Solano, the creator and host of PACK’T, is looking to expand his search beyond the city of Charlotte, through all realms of artistry. PACK’T Media is excited to bring innovative ideas spreading creativity using different art forms and creating a mind-bending space for the people to enjoy.

Watch Season 1 of PACK’T and tune in to see the thriving talent in the city.

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