COLOR CODE: Exchange Program

COLOR CODE: Exchange Program

The latest COLOR CODE drop of the year is here. Social Status x Exchange Program is the newest participant in our ever-growing capsule program.

Exchange Program was created by Terry Cho, in the heart of New York City driven from personal passions and challenges. From previous experience in retail and interest in Muay Thai, Cho wanted to focus on bridging his two worlds with a brand that welcomed both his friends and fashion interest. Exchange Program has since then evolved into apparel and accessories with various symbolic messages of fitting in and belonging, no matter the space.

The Social Status x Exchange Program capsule collection features an array of clothing that all carry a simple but strong circular logo that holds true to the brand. Black and white t-shirts feature a multi-colored logo in the center of the chest while the all-black shorts feature a colorful “EXCHANGE”, fitting to a literal COLOR CODE theme. The choice of multiple colors is meant to represent unity, diversity and the diverging of cultures that form the connection between brands. The hats, with a semi-circle logo, are just one of the examples of how the brand thrives off combining minimalism and individuality.

Learning to coexist with one another is the true goal of Exchange Program. Exchanging culture on a ground level and learning how to love one another is the beauty of the brand.


Shop the newest COLOR CODE capsule by Exchange Program, available at all Social Status boutiques and online here.

COLOR CODE program, is a The Whitaker Grp monthly effort meant to support smaller brands led by POC by creating collaborative capsule collections.

Celebrate the launch of Social Status x Exchange Program by joining us at beSOCIAL, located in the back of our Social Status Charlotte, NC space, for a conversation hosted by Terry Cho.