beSocial: January 2023

beSocial: January 2023

A refreshing start.

Several Social Status doors, through beSocial, hold a special place to create memories, explore your creativity and build authentic relationships. Our objective is to engage, awaken, build, and promote fellowship, through programming and events. Across cities, beSocial spaces are used to activate new contacts between various groups of people.


This month at beSocial Atlanta was about moving forward, growing together, and embracing culture for the new year. Ladies at Culture Forward and Breaking The Cycle came together for a Women’s Empowerment Brunch, while the city that’s built on innovative sounds welcomed Reuben Vincent’s upcoming album with open arms.



To kick off 2023 the Charlotte space shed light on giving back to the community through giving back and uplifting others. Charlotte native, and newest addition to Roc Nation, artist Reuben Vincent hosted his latest album's listening party. January also led the room filled with unity as cereals and cartoons from our childhood were enjoyed provoking a feeling of nostalgic memories and connection through our favorite characters.



In the Greensboro space visual artists came together to collaborate and engage in dialogue while promoting the ability to expand. Expressing different views of art and fashion sense at the Fashion Panel Talk allowing creativity to fill the room. Local designers and visual artists came together to walk the runway and showcase their upcoming portfolios.



With the Coat Drive taking place in the Pittsburgh space, we extend great appreciation to   everyone who contributed to the donations making a positive impact on families in the East Liberty area. All donations will be gifted to families in need with the coldest time of the year among us. The Pittsburgh space shows itself through multifarious activities, maximizing the beSOCIAL space.

Whether you're looking for a place to work, want to host your own event, or want to meet new people, we are here to help you. Thank you for kicking off 2023 into a great start. Discover February events here.

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