A Revolutionary: An Ode to Black History by Jasmyn Brown

A Revolutionary: An Ode to Black History by Jasmyn Brown

A Tribute to Resilience, Triumph, and Legacy

Throughout the month of February, our Charlotte walls will hold A Revolutionary: An Ode to Black History, an art exhibition by Jasmyn Brown, a Charlotte-based multifaceted artist.


From working in the interchangeable mediums of afro-surrealism, fluid art, and mixed media, Jasmyn has explored the world's wonders while also freeing her mind. A lot of the work found in her work involves collage and figurative pouring, spilling her free-thinking mind onto a canva and through digital work. Jasmyn states that when her mind is foggy and things may be uncertain, she looks to colorful palettes allowing her personal intuition to guide her, while her practice can be led by spirituality, cultural elements, and the unknown.


Learn more about Jasmyn Brown and her journey as an artist and her aspiration for audiences to be in deep thought, but also in lightness in the midst of a chaotic external world.



Who is Jasmyn? Tell us about yourself, walk us through your journey to becoming an artist.

J: Who is Jasmyn? That girl is an enthusiastic, multifaceted, soul searching, passionate, wild hearted individual. As a person I seek to explore the unknown possibilities of all things that life has to offer in the beautiful way of art. Channeling and taking all of my knowledge from my upbringing and lifestyle and intertwining it throughout different mediums.


How would you describe your practice? What is your process?

J: My practice comes from a place of my love for history, culture, and expression. My process involves storytelling while freeing my mind onto the canvas. Visually, I want to feel moved and progressive in thought and I want the consumer to feel the same. I want everyone to experience something fulfilling attached to the art.


What do you think about your journey so far? Where do you see yourself in the future?

J: I’ve appreciated my art journey thus far. Everything I’ve done in my creative journey has been self taught, in which I’ve had the opportunity to explore different mediums through the process of DIYs and getting inspirations from some of my favorite artists. I see myself in the future creating art on a higher and more skilled level while being able to curate art exhibits and experiences for art lovers and those wanting to learn about art.


What inspires your process/practice?

J: I’m truly inspired by my environment, culture, and the overall human experience. This can be through all elements of humanities: philosophy, literature, film, theater, and music. I like to combine all things relevant to my interests within my practice.


Describe your favorite art experience so far.

J: Creating art through pouring methods and seeing how I can apply different elements of broken images by building them together and creating a piece. Also having the opportunity to co-curate exhibits and the learning process and journey via my mentor.


What are other practices, experiences, and/or artists you’d like to see/do?

J: I’d love to be curating exhibits and activations within art spaces.


How would younger Jasmyn see you today?

J: Young baby Jas would be so proud to see the woman in which I’m walking today. I was a really shy child and reserved within myself and my talents. Today as an adult, I have embraced my talents and my creativity and let my ideas and love be a contribution to the world around me in ways I would have never imagined.


Name an album you can listen to with no skips while you work.

J: Too many to choose! Here’s few of my favorites to create to; Erykah Badu - The New Amerykah Pt. 2, Tame Impala - The Slow Rush, D’Angelo - Brown Sugar.


What other artists should we know about in your city?

J: Xavier (@speakeasyink) 

A Revolutionary: An Ode to Black History is a solo exhibition dedicated to the history of Black Americans and the ancestral legacy. From the past to the present to the wondrous element of the future, this exhibition uncovers something beyond the visible world and explores Blackness in its entirety. 


Jasmyn invites you to lose yourself in her interpretation of Black identity and the power it holds at beSocial Charlotte, available for viewing now until 2.29.