Jul 24

Green Thumb Beginnings Gardening Class


July 24, 2024

07:00 pm


Step into the embrace of our community garden and discover the joy of gardening in our "Green Thumb Beginnings" class led by the Zen Community Garden Captain, Leon. This beginner-friendly course is a gateway to the world of horticulture. This class aims to empower new gardeners through practical education and insightful discussions. From understanding garden preparation and planning, soil, synthetic vs organic fertilizers, planting, garden maintenance, and much more. Join us as we sow the seeds of knowledge and cultivate a vibrant community of gardeners, one plant at a time.

Meet the Host:
Our mission at the Zealous Empowering Nurturer garden is to promote healthy eating in the community, to offer a personal space for gardening, and to provide fresh food to community members in need. Leon our community garden captain is a fulfillment life coach, speaker, Youtuber and likes plants.