Orders & Cancellations


  • You will receive a confirmation email if you are selected for a raffle
  • Address and sizes will not be changed; Double check to make sure they are correct before entry
  • If your bank declines payment, we will automatically move on to the next entrant 
  • Spamming entries may disqualify you from future raffles
  • Raffles wins are not eligible for free shipping
  • Frequent cancellation of raffle wins may disqualify you from future raffles

Why was my order canceled?

  • Invalid, incomplete, improper, or missing payment or shipping information
  • Limited inventory
  • Use of any robot, spider, or any other automatic device or software process

What do I do if my package is missing/hasn’t moved in several days?

If your package is missing or has stopped in transit please contact customer service as soon as possible so that they may open up a claim on your package.

How do I reroute my package?

Unless it is an emergency we are unable to change the destination of your package. If you request an address change through customer service while your order is in transit there will be a $15 rerouting fee.
Once your order is in transit and your receive your FedEx tracking number, you can also go to the manage delivery option under the tracking tab on the FedEx website to hold your order a local FedEx facility.

Order Confirmation

When placing an order your should receive an automatic email confirming your order. Getting confirmation of your order means that we have received your order request; it does not mean that your order has been accepted or shipped, or that the price or availability of an item has been confirmed. We reserve the right to cancel if the product is out of stock or the order is flagged as fraudulent.