Social Status gets a Glimpse of Japanese Culture

Social Status gets a Glimpse of Japanese Culture Mobile Kitchen is an experience that is not one to miss. This is the world’s first artist-driven, glow-in-the-dark Ramen pop-up experience. is a mobile pop-up that offers guests an immersive dining experience inspired by a story about a family of mythical spirits.

The pop-up seats six patrons at a time for the 30-minute meal, during which we were served glow-in-the-dark dishes and cocktails as the performers interacted.

When we first walked in, we were brought through a tent covered pathway that lead into a small shipping container filled with Japanese artwork, that we later found out was related to the Nakamura family traditions.

The night was filled with many small details that added to the overall interaction and experience of the audience.  We were first told the story of the Nakamura family. The legend is that the Nakamura were a family shapeshifting Japanese mythical spirits called yōkai. They served ramen in the underworld but somewhere down the line the family got separated. Traveling around the world serving ramen aids in the family being reunited.

After the story, we began to be served. Everything about the dinner was detailed and authentic to the experience one would have eating ramen in Japan. From the quick timed 30 min eating experience down to the close proximity of everyone while we were dining.

Other details could be seen through the pictures of the ancestors on the walls of the shipping container, the music that played as the hostess was telling the story, their ancestors diary that was placed in front of everyone, and even down to a special gift that was given to make everyone feel a part of the family.

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience. The pop-up will be in Charlotte until May 20th with the next stop being in LA.