A Prelude to Jaide

Made in Los Angeles, EB Denim has earned global recognition for its bold yet sustainable designs, establishing itself as a staple in offering a wide range of ready-to-wear denim pieces. At the heart of EB Denim is an unwavering passion for individuality and upholding the legacy of locally crafted denim.

One core value of EB Denim is its commitment to sustainability. The revitalization of vintage, American-made Levi 501s can be traced back to 2016, the year Elena Bonvicini founded the independent label. Every pair of jeans undergoes individual selection and reconstruction in Los Angeles, ensuring a unique approach to its production.

While rooted in upcycling, EB Denim has expanded its product range from jeans to enticing selections such as dresses, skirts, corsets and more. From the careful selection of high quality natural fibers to innovative dyeing techniques, eco-friendly buttons, and reclaimed leather patches, EB Denim is setting the standard for denim in the contemporary wardrobe.

Every piece of fabric finds purpose as EB Denim upcycles every material on its production table, showcasing an innovative ethos where the resources at hand fuel creativity. The label is dedicated to discovering captivating silhouettes and revamping denim staples with sophisticated lines and cut-outs. Through the use of asymmetrical patterns and fastenings, EB Denim is perfecting the art of crafting fine denim garments from head to toe.

Discover the EB Denim Spring/Summer 2024 Collection available now online and at Social Status Atlanta and Charlotte.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of Jaide, The Whitaker Grp’s first women-focused retail experience here.