beSocial: March 2023

beSocial: March 2023

March Madness

Atlanta, GA

This month at beSocial Atlanta we entered an era of zen. Here we captured multiple moments of stillness each week with a guided yoga session. Wellness is the main focus in this space and it starts within, we will continue to consistently implement practices that will fuel the minds of the busy and talented people in the Atlanta area.  


Charlotte, NC

With quarter one coming to an end the Charlotte space made sure to make an impact on their community involving events that are focused on embracing and uplifting everyone who enters the Central Street doors. Joining together through movement through the new and improved run club while creating space for low intensity yoga sessions allowing you to open your heart. March at beSocial Charlotte created a space to open your heart through Chakra sessions and expand your mind with knowledge of business filling the room from pioneers of the investment world. We made history in this space, celebrating Air Max day with activations live in space and much more. 


Greensboro, NC


In the Greenboro space crafty sewing skills that will create a lifetime of convenience were developed in this space through beginner friendly sewing workshops. Artists came together to enjoy one another's company allowing sonic energy to fill the walls of beSocial Greensboro. In and out of space we enjoyed community building through friendship bonding bracelets that captured the memories of the space and hoop club making room for movement and unity through the love of the game.


Houston, TX

This month at beSocial Houston opened their doors to dedicate space for the young women and men of tomorrow through encouraging young men and their business etiquette skills through suits for sons.Youth author came to shed her light and remind people of all ages that they decide who they become. Ladies came together to honor one another during women's history month at the Women's empowerment brunch wearing purple to represent the royalty they hold within. Through vegan pancakes and roller skates we poured into future skaters to enlighten them on the freedom of skating and the benefits of clean eating. 


Pittsburgh, PA

With Open Mic night taking place in the Pittsburgh space, we extended space for people to not only express themselves through music, but through poetry and spoken words, that filled the space with such a warm energy. The East Liberty location embodies inclusiveness. 

We extended an overflow of great appreciation to  everyone who chooses to be vulnerable through art in this space. The Pittsburgh space shows itself through a wide range of activitiations, maximizing the space.

Whether you're looking for a place to work, want to host your own event, or want to meet new people, we are here for you. We extend our hands to invite you to an experience like no other; the beSocial experience. Join us and discover upcoming events for April here.