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10 Deep "Justice and Peace" Tee

Grayson Smith

The past few years, 10 Deep (@10deep) celebrated Black History Month with special, limited releases that honor icons in the struggle for equality and justice. This year, because of the recent events involving police brutality in the news, we put together a collaborative project that focused on the continuing issue of racial disparities in the application of police force, and the equally troubling lack of action by our justice system in bringing the perpetrators in these cases to justice.
10 Deep has collaborated with several of our long term retailers to call attention to some of the most prevalent instances of police violence against people of color and to raise funds to support some of the organizations that are on the ground working to address these issues daily.

Proceeds from the sales of the tees will be donated to support the region-specific organizations selected by each of the collaborating parties - specifically Eric Garner's family in NYC, the Bay Area's Oscar Grant Foundation, the family funds for Leon Ford in Pittsburgh and Aiyana Jones in Detroit, as well as the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Shop the "Justice and Peace" tee at our Charlotte, DT Pittsburgh and Greensboro locations. ($36)