Filling Pieces F/W '14 Mountain Cut Low

Posted on September 11 2014

Being around long enough to gain regards as established hands, yet still young enough to be considered up-and-comers, Amsterdam's Filling Pieces has steadily built itself into a respected figure within the luxury footwear scene. With the recent reveal of their Fall/Winter collection, we're getting our first hands-on experience with the Dutch shoemaker's wares. Our first delivery features two pairs of one of FP's most popular models, the Mountain Cut Low. Filling Pieces flaunts its range well, executing two radically different concepts off of the same base silhouette. One pair features uppers wrapped in luxurious white python and calfskin, for an inverted retread of a well-received feature from yesteryear's Black Friday collection. The other stands in stark contrast, with uppers comprised of multiple fibers woven together in intricate zigs and zags, giving off a distinctly tribal feel. Handmade in Italy and finished atop vulcanized Margom cup soles, Filling Pieces puts their dedication and brilliance on proud display with this delivery. And we're thoroughly excited to see what else FP has in store in the coming weeks.

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