Air Jordan XIV Retro - "Ferrari"

Posted on September 04 2014

Rarely is a shoe executed so perfectly as to leave no doubt of it's inspiration. Another Air Jordan design spawned from Michael Jordan’s love of exotic cars and automotive sports, you can trace the Air Jordan 14 back to his beloved Ferrari 550 Maranello, right down to its Jumpman shield, a derivative to Ferrari’s Prancing Stallion logo.

Despite it's jarring appearance, the Ferrari 14's keep things classy by removing the silhouette's typical stitched paneling in favor of a sleek, seamless, one-piece suede upper in Challenge Red, a color closely mimicking Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa (Racing Red) signature hue.

Taking on the likeness of it's inspiration to an almost exacting degree, the shoe also features a carbon fiber printed midsole with heavier-than-usual-duty rubber representing the tires. Turning things up to 11, the shoe is finished off with even more direct detailing in the form of a reflective metallic silver shank plate standing in for the 550's 5.5L, turbocharged, sand-cast engine with hits of Vibrant Yellow tagging the accents.

A perfect replication and embodiment of Ferrari's finely engineered speed and grace; this Saturday, expect these to come and go faster than even the 550 can run the Rahal Straight at Laguna Seca.

Available 9/6
Challenge Red/Vibrant Yellow-Anthracite-Black - 654459-670

(photos by Branden Ollish)

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  • Djamon Chapman: September 05, 2014

    Will these be released online? I can not make it in to the Charlotte store tomorrow.

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