Jan 12

Vision Board Sneaker Social


January 12, 2024

02:00 pm


An opportunity for women in the sneaker community to come together in CLT. We will create a visualization of goals, inspirations, and dreams that will inspire us throughout the year. Come prepared to create a vision board and engage in girl talk. There will be a panel discussion, refreshments, and plenty of fun. Come socialize with your fellow sole sisters!

The Laced Flower is a creative platform for women to express their individuality and femininity through a common love for sneakers. Our brand focuses on events, gatherings, its very own curated brand and podcast. The Laced Flower was created to develop a platform in which sisterhood is celebrated within the sneaker community for all women.

"My name is Ayana aka “The Laced Flower”. I am originally from Baltimore, MD and currently live in Charlotte, NC. I love sneakers and flowers and together these two things were the driving force behind the creation of my business The Laced Flower."