Dec 22

The Importance of Tech in Education.


December 22, 2020

06:00 pm

Partnering with Diesel, beSocial supports Peace Preparatory Academy with technology to continue academic studies during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our partnership takes charge of education and provides Google Chromebooks for the students of Peace Prep Academy. 

Technology is a crippling component in the classroom environment and has a pivotal role in the continuation of learning regardless of the restrictions at hand. Collectively, we aim to make those requirements accessible. Now, more than ever we are isolated from one another but will continue to use the tools we need to connect in a different way.

To further highlight our mission, months after settling into the new learning environment, our community held a digital event with a few members of the Peace Prep faculty. We discuss the impact or COVID-19 on education and  how they’ve adapted.

Click here to watch our "The Importance of Tech in Education" digital event.