Jan 16

The Evening Palate


January 16, 2024

06:30 pm


Step into the world of enchanting melodies and delectable flavors at The Evening Palate, an evening eatery series that highlights culinary delights from local chefs combined with live musicians. This unique and immersive dining experience is designed to transport you to a world where the senses are harmoniously engaged, creating memories and introducing your taste buds to something new!

The Cuisine: Meet Chef Mal: The Creative Force Behind Dawg'on Vegans
Chef Mal's style of cooking is plant-based gourmet fusion. As a Chef and food stylist she has redefined vegan cuisine with her extraordinary vegan brat dogs and innovative toppings and has since expanded her menu into hoagies, paninis and sandwiches. She's on a mission to thrill the taste buds of every food lover, whether vegan or not. Chef Mal's professional culinary journey began while balancing a full-time job and side catering gigs, but her exceptional talent didn't go unnoticed. She soon became a sought-after ghost chef for celebrity Chefs and a food stylist for hit TV shows like TV One's Sister Circle and also set cooking demo sets for The Essence Fest.

After honing her skills through competitions and auditions and appearing on Food Network, Chef Mal found her niche. Today, she's the proud owner of Dawg'on Vegans, where hot dogs reach new heights. With over 10 years professionally in the culinary world, she considers herself a third-generation chef, drawing inspiration from her family's culinary roots. Beyond taste and presentation, Chef Mal is a stickler for ingredients, and as a certified herbalist she also subtly introduces essential oils, herbs and spices, whole foods, and exotic ingredients into her dishes that are not only delicious but have some health benefits. At Dawg'on Vegans, Chef Mal caters to all, from vegan explorers to those seeking a cheat day delight. Her commitment to culinary excellence guarantees a memorable experience every time. Discover the magic of gourmet vegan brat dogs at Dawg'on Vegans, where Chef Mal's passion and creativity shine through in every bite. @dawgonvegans@dawgonvegans The Musician: @platinumonthesax