Aug 02

(Summer @ beSocial) Kids Culinary Class


August 02, 2024

01:00 pm


This culinary series is intended to educate kids about food systems, good nutrition, meal planning, and preparing whole meals commensurate with their age level. This program will also teach youth about seasonal fruits and vegetables while introducing the role of the farmers and the important part they play in the livelihood of the Market. At the conclusion of the program, participants will better understand their local food systems and the vital role the Farmers Market plays in providing sustainable fresh fruits, vegetables & meats for the community.

Meet the Host:
Gillian Howard, Executive Chef, TheJuniorCulturedChefs Co-Founder, Cultured Concepts LLC, Johnson & Wales ‘20, Air Force Veteran (IG: @TheJuniorCulturedChefs, @YourCulturedChef)