Apr 22

Free Game: Representation in Architecture, Design, and Development


April 22, 2021

07:00 pm


This Week's Topic: Representation in Architecture, Design, and Development

Hosted by: James Whitner

Special Guests:

Jason Benta - The Wilmack Holding Co.

Aden Seraile - ESRA REALTY

Walter Edwards - Full Spectrum of NY

Celida Guzman - Best Development Group

Mark Warren - Praxis Architecture PC

Free Game was created as a platform for James Whitner, founder of the Whitaker Grp as well as professionals from various industries, to connect with people who have a shared interest around entrepreneurship and business. Conversations tend to cover a wide range of topics including the state of boutique retail culture, finance, real estate, and mental health among others.

The first 500 people to RSVP will have a chance to join the Zoom chat and ask questions live during the session. If you do not get a chance to RSVP you can watch the conversation via Instagram Live on any of the Whitaker Grp instagram channels. For updates follow @maniere_usa, @apbstore, @thesocialstatus, and @besocialplease.