May 15

CoolXDad: CoolxTips


May 15, 2024

06:30 pm


Join the heartwarming and insightful series, "CoolxTips," presented by the non-profit organization, CoolxDad. We're on a mission to celebrate the diverse world of parenting through captivating 30-45 second episodes.

In each engaging segment, we shine the spotlight on parents from an array of professions, offering a platform for them to share their invaluable parenting advice - the kind that truly makes a difference. From seasoned entrepreneurs to creative artists, and dedicated doctors to adventurous globetrotters, our guests will captivate you with their unique perspectives on raising happy and confident kids.

Prepare to be inspired as they reveal their top 1-2 tips for navigating the beautiful journey of parenthood. Whether it's time management secrets, fostering creativity, instilling resilience, or balancing work and family life - we've got it all!
If you're a passionate parent eager to inspire others or just someone who's curious about the magic of parenting, we invite you to join us on this heartwarming and enlightening adventure.

Come be a part of "CoolxTips" and share your story, because parenting wisdom knows no boundaries! Together, let's create a world where parents lift each other up and celebrate the joys and challenges of raising incredible human beings.

Location: Besocial HTX