Feb 03

Be Your Own Best Friend: Journal Making


February 03, 2024

12:00 pm


You've been your own worst enemy...Why not be your own best friend? Learn techniques for supporting yourself in everyday life and your healing journey. Could you do this alone? Probably! But how amazing would it be to create in community? We'll be making journals together that you get to design from start-to-finish! You'll walk away with a custom reminder that you can support yourself fully!

"I've been an artist and designer over the past 25+ years. I've studied and practiced in multiple disciplines such as graphic & web design; painting; photography; collage; handbag making & design. Although I've sometimes worked as a professional artist and designer over the years, I've primarily used art as a form of self-expression, to decompress, heal, and connect with myself. I'm also a Life Coach and use art to help people become better versions of themselves."
- Aneetrah Stewart