Jan 27

Abstract Collage for Inner Peace


January 27, 2024

12:00 pm


In need of peace? Sounds like you need to release! Come join us for some fun with visual art. We‘ll be using a mix of materials & techniques designed to help you release negative energy and transmute it into your own personal work of art! Lighten your load. Ease your mind. Have fun! Aneetrah Stewart has been an artist and designer over the past 25+ years, studying and practicing in multiple disciplines such as graphic & web design; painting; photography; collage; handbag making & design. 

"Although I've sometimes worked as a professional artist and designer over the years, I've primarily used art as a form of self-expression, to decompress, heal, and connect with myself. I'm also a Life Coach and use art to help people become better versions of themselves." -Aneetrah Stewart