Jun 01

1 on 1 Series: No More Suits Pub Co: Wine & Write Book Workshop


June 01, 2024

04:30 pm


In this book workshop, attendees will be able to create a written masterpiece using a blank canvas and markers, that will be displayed in a book that we will publish. furthermore attendees will the opportunity to write about who they are where they come from and what they do for a living during the event all to be included in the book, whereas they well have wholesale rights to the project. " Wine and Write". This will be coupled with a lecture by the curator on the history of the city of Charlotte and how it gain its independence as county before the Declaration of Independence.

Darrell Q. Slade was born on January 26th, 1995 in Wachovia, a land mass in North Carolina known as the Tre-4. Slade changed the game in literature when he released his book The Alarm Clock to the world in December of 2017. He is a true artist of words, in his novels he bleeds his passion, purpose, and pain into the pages.