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Art Talk With Piera Moore

Solomon Jones

Brought to you by our Social Media Specialist Solomon Jones. We are very proud to present to you our first installment of Art Talk With Social Status featuring Piera Moore.

Solomon: Thank you for being here today! Nice to finally meet you. 

Piera: Thank you for having me!

S: First thing first, who are you and what do you do?

P: My name is Piera Moore and i'm a 18 year old artist and aspiring creative director from Atlanta,Ga. My whole goal is to make visions real, by painting hopefully film and drawing is how i'm going to make that happen.

S: Why are you an artist?

P: I grew up in a house full of artist. My mom is a writer, my dad is an artist and my brother is a producer. I was in the perfect environment to become what I am now and what I want to be in the future. I'm also a very visual person, seeing things is huge for me. Seeing the actual manifestation of a vision is crazy to me, because it starts off as a thought and once it been made real no one can actually tell you what to do at that point you know?

S:Yes for sure! I totally understand that. 
What do you love and why?

P: Can I talk about... Like this is crazy but can I talk about Young Thug? *laughs* 

S: Yea totally!

P: So Young Thug and Gucci Mane, they really speak to me. *laughs* Gucci Mane for one, his work ethic is amazing. Like how are you releasing music and movies in jail? Only he can do that. And Thug, first off I choose him over Future. People are always trying to debate that, but I choose thug. He's on a different level of weirdness and it works for him! I just love it.

S: What is your favorite work of art? It doesn't have to be just paintings, it could be film or music also. 

P: Ok! So two movies, Belly & City of God

S: Why Belly?

P: Belly is the movie that got me into creative direction. I love Hype Williams, I love all of his videos. The fact that is was a full length movie with a strong plot but it was shot like a music video was just so amazing to me!

S: It's one of my favorites actually *laughs*
So should be art be funded?

P: Yes!! For sure


P:Yes! We need money! *laughs*

S: Why do you feel like it should be?

P: Because I've seen my teacher come out of pocket to get us art supplies just because the art program was under funded. I just feel like so many kids would get into art if they had the resources. If its funded, then it'll expose more people to art. For me it's a huge outlet and I know a lot of people would express themselves more if they had that outlet.

S: That makes a lot of sense.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 

P: I'll be 23, so hopefully by that point I'll be doing more full on creative direction projects. Definitely still painting, I'm also considering getting my tattoo license, because when I was younger I always dreamed about being a tattoo artist. I just really want to touch all aspects of art, thats why I feel like creative direction is the what I really want to do.

S: Just have your hand in everything right?

P: Exactly!

S: Ok, two more questions. Is your art a representation of you and what you go through, or just ideas you have in your head? 

P: It's both! Some of them are internal, but mostly I love touching on pop culture. I'm really into rap music so I like to create some of my favorite artists' actual essence through my work instead of it just being a picture or drawing of them, like bring their words to life.

S: Speaking on your favorite artist. Young Thug, do you feel like he impacts the culture alot?

P: I do, I think he's paving the way for people to be themselves which you don't see all the time. He's not letting the industry force him to be something he's not. He Thug! *laughs*

S: Thank you again for being apart of our first Art Talk interviews! I can't wait to see what you have in store in the future.

P: No thank you! It was great.